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Many people have dealt with the topic of innovation since time immemorial ... and commented on it. Whether wise, thought-provoking or just fishing for a smile, these quotes can in any case give a little impulse outside of everyday routine. We have therefore once again continued our research for inspiration ... and with that our small tradition of annual calendar series, which is meanwhile in its tenth year in 2024! Under the following links you can download an appointment series and save it in your calendar. Possibly, this will give you a little inspiration for each of the 52 calendar weeks in 2024.

To set up:

  • if you use Microsoft Outlook, open the .msg file (depending on the browser, the file may need to be saved temporarily) and save in Outlook using “Copy to my calendar”

  • for all other calendar programs: open the file in iCalender format and then save the series entry in your calendar program.

Our tradition of the annual calendar series dates back to 2015 and will actually be celebrating its 10th anniversary in 2024! To mark the occasion, you will find a complete overview of all the quotes from this period below. We would be delighted if you let us know which quote(s) particularly inspire(s) you: simply send us the reference(s) (YYYY-CW) using the form below. We look forward to using your feedback to select our favourite inspirational quotes and will of course share them with you.

Thank you!

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