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if not now

yes please

NOW - this is exactly the right time to actively and positively shape the future. It's good to orientate yourself towards opportunities. Pursue new paths. Strive for innovation. Dare to try something new. With the inevitable risks. But also with heart, hand and mind.

Successfully breaking new ground requires favourable structures and processes, but also distinctive skills and innovation-friendly characteristics and attitudes.

    Skills, processes and structures are required that go far beyond coping with everyday life. In addition, the full impact can only be realised through constructive cooperation.

    Clear and challenging goals enable responsible leadership that creates reliability - in calm and turbulent times.

    More is not an end in itself, but often provides the prerequisite for stable and long-term generation of benefits for the benefit of everyone in the value chain.

    Great goals are motivating when they are internalised as meaningful. Fair dealings with one another (including customers, partners and suppliers) are the basis for mutual success.


if not WE


Together WE make it possible

  • You have the skills, opportunities and ideas to develop solutions for the challenges of the future. Thus, you can change the future for the better ...

  • ... with the right partner at your side!

  • We support you in strengthening the innovative power of your company and in the successful development of innovative products and business models. So that you save time, money and nerves. And have fun along the way, celebrate success and set the pace of innovation in your market.

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Peter Witzgall (Inhaber)


do we make it happen

The Pulse of Innovation

Our offer to support you:

    Analysing business processes and designing the path from ACTUAL to TARGET, including the appropriate structures, roles and tools. The ability to innovate is also the art of channelling existing energies towards new challenges and thus also new tasks. This is only possible if you are not overwhelmed by everyday life and routine processes are standardised as far as is sensible.


    Establishing and expanding the necessary competences as well as designing and rolling out suitable structures, roles and interfaces. Typical innovation competences include, for example, methods such as creativity techniques, trend scouting, benchmarking, portfolio analysis, business model generation and disciplines such as product, knowledge, requirements and (agile) project management (among others).


    Establishing professional skills alone will not bear fruit. It also requires supportive and cooperative behaviour and attitudes, diverse personalities and qualities such as leadership and perseverance. We pursue a systemic approach that aims to constantly expand the scope of possibilities in order to enable you and/or your team to develop individually


    No path runs exactly according to plan, at least not a new one. To ensure that you make progress when you encounter obstacles, forks in the road or even turning points, we accompany and support you by analysing scenarios, designing alternative courses of action and helping you to make decisions. You gain certainty, even if the strategy and, if necessary, the objectives have to be adapted to the course of the journey.

    Innovations often also mean changes in user behaviour. This is usually associated with resistance. Developing a market is therefore no less difficult than developing the intended product, but requires different skills. We help you to explore a market and to develop and implement strategies for entering the market and expanding your market share on both sides of the chasm.

We have developed the generic process model "Pulse of Innovation" as a guide. It combines design thinking approaches with the V-model of systems engineering.

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pi.con – Pulse of Innovation Consulting

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82223 Eichenau
Germany / Europe

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